Sandy is focusing on music in 2016. She has release 3 CDs this year so far with hopefully more to come. Go to sandyewen.bandcamp.com to listen. Reviews can be found here: http://gapplegateguitar.blogspot.com/2016/04/sandy-ewen-rebecca-novak-carol-sandin.html http://gapplegateguitar.blogspot.com/2016/04/sandy-ewen-tributaries.html


Born in Toronto, Canada in 1985, Sandy Ewen received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008. Since then she has resided in Houston, TX where she pursues musical and visual projects and her architecture license. Ewen has released several albums, including a duo with guitarist Tom Carter, a trio with bassist Damon Smith & drummer Weasel Walter, and a rock album with Austin’s Weird Weeds. Ewen’s visual work is closely tied to her work in sound; she uses both mediums to explore texture, composition and materials.

Ewen’s microcollages, enlarged through projection and digital printing, are an exploration of material and technique. Using a unique process pioneered by the artist, natural materials and polymers are torn, liquefied, scorched, melted, cut, and fused. When enlarged, the microscopic nuances of these manipulations are manifested in exquisite detail. Ewen has presented prints of her work at 14 Pews (2012), Spacetaker/Fresh Arts (2012), Khon’s (2013) & Galeria Regina (2014).

As an improviser in both art and music, Ewen sees herself as guiding materials and space rather than executing a preconceived composition. “I like to explore mediums and materials and tease out their essence,” says Ewen. “Working with slide projections has focused my eye on the subtitles of natural processes of decay and transformation. Through my work, I am asking questions of the materials rather than dictating answers.”


Sandy Ewen CV


The University of Texas at Austin

School of Architecture 2008

Bachelor of Architecture 

Visual Art Exhibitions

2014 Solo Exhibition Constructed Abstractions, Gallery Regina, Houston, TX

2013 Solo Exhibition Untitled, Khon’s, Houston, TX (forthcoming)

2013 VAA 31st Juried Open Exhibition, Three Allen Center, Houston, TX

2012 Solo Exhibition Projection & Amplification, Spacetaker/Fresh Arts, Houston, TX

2012 Solo Exhibition For Tom Carter, 14 Pew, Houston, TX

2012 Solo Exhibition Pop Up Art Show, 14 Pews, Houston, TX


2016 between the known and the unknown – Spiderwebs – CD

2016 Garden medium – Garden medium – CD

2013 Background Information – Sandy Ewen & Damon Smith (digital, on itunes)

2013 Tributaries – Sandy Ewen (solo album) (reissued as CD in 2016)

2013 The Blue Idea – David Dove/Ryan Edwards/Sandy Ewen/Juan Garcia/Jason Jackson

2012 Brighton Beach – Spiderwebs – LP

2012 Split – House Party Quartet/Sandy Ewen – Cassette

2012 Untitled – Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter – CD

2012 The Weird Weeds – The Weird Weeds – LP

2010 Help Me Name Melody – The Weird Weeds – LP & CD

2008 I Miss This – The Weird Weeds – CD

2007 Unusual Animals Vol. 1 – The Weird Weeds/Shapes & Sizes Split 7”

2006 Meat Science – Friday Group Universal Illumination Orchestra – ‎Cassette

2006 Weird Feelings – The Weird Weeds – CD

2006 Strands Formerly Braided – Spiderwebs/Mike Tamburo/Matthew McDowell – CD

2005 This is Not What You Want – The Weird Weeds CDR

2004 Hold Me – The Weird Weeds – CDR (reissued as LP in 2009)

2004 Away, Away – Spiderwebs – CDR


2013 3rd Place – Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) 31st Juried Open Exhibition

2012 14 Pews Artist in Residence

Collaborative Projects

Art/Video Collaborations:

2013 Architects of Cinema (Ewen/Nelson/Torres)  “HandMetal” (video)

2013 Architects of Cinema (Ewen/Nelson/Torres)  “PaperTracel” (video)

2013 Architects of Cinema (Ewen/Nelson/Torres)  “Light Bouquet” (video)

2013 Architects of Cinema  (Ewen/Nelson/Torres) “Performance at 14 Pews” (video)

2012 Jindra/Ewen “8-11-12” (video)

2012 Jindra/Ewen “Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Weasel Walter – Untitled 7” (music video)

2012 Jindra/Ewen “Spiderwebs – Coney Island” (music video)

2010 Architects of Cinema (Ewen/Nelson/Torres) “ (in)complete submission” (video) 

Installation/Performance Events

2013 May 12 – Dona Nobis Pacem (multi-media collaboration with Oregon State University Choir, Kevin Patton, Jonathan Jindra) Alice Tully Hall/Lincoln Center NY

2013 January 18 – Tony Feher Free Fall opening reception performance with Music/Dance by Leslie Scates (choreographer) and Damon Smith (musician) featuring: Shanon Adams, David Dove, Sandy Ewen, Kristen Frankiewicz, Spencer Gavin-Hering, Thomas Helton, and jhon stronks. @ Diverse Works, Houston, TX

2012 December 29 – Comeplay Comply Arraycycle, El Rincon Social, Houston, TX

2012 December 14 – Architects of Cinema (Ewen/Nelson/Torres)  “Evolving Installation” @ Fresh Arts, Houston, TX

2012 September 01 – Architects of Cinema (Ewen/Nelson/Torres)  “Installation” @ 14 Pews, Houston, TX

2011 November 09 – Peter Dobill performance artist w/Sandy Ewen/Weasel Walter/Damon Smith/Jim Sauter @ English Kills Art Gallery, NY

2010 May 01 – Projected 2010 an evening of performance & technology curated by Chris Nelson @ Frenetic Theater, Houston, TX

2009 August 8 Low Lives (Sineplex at the Audley Society) curated by Jorge Rojas. FiveMyles (Brooklyn)/Diaspora Vibe Gallery (Miami)/labotanica (Houston).

Music Performance

Ewen has performed with experimental rock group Weird Weeds since 2004, playing over 200 shows across Texas, the United States and Canada. (complete list: http://www.weirdweeds.com/oldshows.html)

Ewen has played improvised/experimental guitar since 2002. She has performed many hundreds of gigs in perhaps hundreds of different groupings. A few notable performances are listed below.

2012 October/November – Acuerdo de Musica Libre w/Remi Alvarez (Mexico City): saxophones, Carmina Escobar (Mexico City): voice, Juanjose Rivas (Mexico City): electronics, David Dove (Houston): trombone, Sandy Ewen (Houston): guitar, objects, Damon Smith (Houston): bass @ multiple venues in Mexico City & Houston

2012 October 10 -Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Keith Rowe trio & Gooseberry Marmalade performs Scratch Orchestra @ 14 Pews Houston, TX

2012 May 30 – John Butcher (London): tenor and soprano saxophones, Thomas Lehn (Cologne): analogue synthesizer, Gino Robair (San Francisco): drums, percussion & Nameless Sound Ensemble @ Spring Street Studios, Houston, TX

2012 March 24 – Sources And Echoes : 5 hour marathon of 18 back-to-back solos by Nameless Sound Alumni, & performance of Pauline Oliveros’ Four Meditations for Orchestra @ Richmond Hall & Mandell Pavilion Houston, TX

2011 October 3 – Annette Krebs (Berlin) – guitar/Chris Cogburn (Austin) – drums, percussion/Sandy Ewen (Houston) – guitar/Damon Smith (Houston) – double bass @ Avant Garden Houston, TX

2011 August 07 – Weasel Walter (New York) – drums/David Dove (Houston) – trombone/Sandy Ewen (Houston) – guitar/Damon Smith (Houston) – amplified double bass @ Avant Garden

2011 June 25 – Sandy Ewen Solo opening for Humanization Quartet: Luis Lopez (Portugal) – guitar/Rodrigo Amado (Portugal) – tenor saxophone/Aaron Gonzalez (Dallas) – double bass/Stefan Gonzalez (Dallas) – drums @ Project Row Houses Houston, TX

2011 May 04 – The Nakatani Gong Orchestra and Ewen/Nakatani/Torres @ The Audley Society

2011 April 04 – Jason Lescalleet (Maine) – tape loops/electronics/Sandy Ewen (Houston) – prepared electric guitar & Bhob Rainey (New Orleans) – soprano saxophone/David Dove (Houston) – trombone/Lucas Gorham (Houston) – guitar/lap steel guitar & Greg Kelley (Boston) – trumpet/Ryan Edwards (Houston) – electric guitar/voice @ Avant Garden Houston, TX

2011 April 03 – Durian Durian at Menil Campus

2011 April 25 – Sandy Ewen/Tom Carter/Sabir Mateen/Y.E.Torres @ Silent Barn, NY

2010 December 08 – Sandy Ewen/Y.E.Torres/Tatsuya Nakatani

2010 July 4 – Pawpaw Pomelo large ensemble @ Khon’s rooftop Houston, TX


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